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Sunset Cruise

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A beautiful Sunset from the Cruise on the Zambezi River. Sunset Cruise trips along the Zambezi are a magnificent and extremely popular way to experience the river. All the boats, bar the jet boats, navigate a 6 km stretch of river above the Falls themselves, shallow waters and hazardous rocks prevent them from venturing any further. Although you do not see the Falls themselves during a cruise, a cloud of spray, visible from the boats, sits on the horizon, crowning the waterfall. Sunset cruises start at 4pm in the winter (May-August) and 4.30 in the summer (September-April). Pick-up from your hotel will be earlier than these times, how much is dependent on the distance from your hotel to the jetty site. Transfers to and from your lodge/hotel are included in the price, and the cruises last approximately 2 hours.

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