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Before you begin planning your next trip, consider the following projects and get involved in our community.

Our Rebuild The Together Initiative programs emphasize the benefits of tourism for communities, including:

1. We promote sustainable waste management methods

through collaboration with municipal authorities, community leaders, and trash management groups.

2.Buy Local

Support the local economy while on vacation by purchasing local food and drink, excursions, curios, or experiences.  Stay in indigenously owned hotels or lodges. This has the potential to create jobs and increase living standards.


3. Conservation 

Protect nature by spending money with local businesses through booking an excursions with us as we are devoted to wildlife protection, thus contributing to local initiatives such as sensitasation of animal human conflict, by paying national park entry fees , our conservation program helps on the preservation of birdlife and the protection of the wildlife in the community we operate from.

4. Girl Child

Your generosity to contribute to the well being of a girl child in the community will not go unnoticed, by helping support a girl child with sanitary. contact us and see which school or community we supporting in the month of your travel date.

5. Customer Service

We thrive to ensure that our sector provides the highest service quality to the tourists, different tailor made programs are made to suit different businesses that operator in our tourist capital, find out more details on how you may support this initiative.

6. Provision of clean water

Through collaboration with different partners we make it possible provide clean and accessible water for the rural communities, check how you may get involved to help provide water.

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